5 Company Culture Examples to Get You Inspired

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google company

The success of a company is not only determined by one factor, but there are various factors that can make the company successful. One of the factors that determine this success is company culture.

This is very important to encourage and improve the effectiveness of the organization’s work both in the short and long term. Not only that, it is also useful as a tool in determining the direction of the organization and directing what can and cannot be done.

Without a good company culture, the performance of its members cannot run optimally. Therefore, this is a crucial thing that every organization or company must have.

Example of Company Culture

To give a clear picture regarding the implementation of company culture, here are some examples of cultures from several companies in the world:

1. Google

google company
Image via inc.com

In addition to getting the title as the best company in the world, Google is also considered to have a good organizational culture. It can be said that Google is a pioneer with a relaxed work style, even according to some people it is too relaxed.

Without realizing it, this kind of work environment can make employees feel more free to express their ideas and show their best potential.

2. Facebook

Facebook company

Facebook has a work culture that can encourage its employees to be competitive, but still feel comfortable working in it. When working with high comfort, employees will carry out their duties to the maximum, so that the company will get satisfactory results.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by PayScale as many as 93 percent of Facebook employees said they were very happy and satisfied when working at the company. This is because Facebook employees are given the freedom to provide criticism and suggestions to their managers.

3. Twitter

Twitter company

Twitter is the company with the next best work culture. A comfortable and productive atmosphere allows employees to work optimally. For example, such as holding a meeting on the rooftop.

This will give a different atmosphere when holding a meeting in a closed room, with tables neatly arranged in a circle. If employees have fresh minds, of course the results of their work will affect the sustainability of the company’s business.

4. Netflix

netflix company

The main values ​​that are upheld at Netflix are flexibility, honesty and openness. Netflix’s company culture has begun to be implanted even at the employee selection stage. For Netflix, having a person with good morals is more valuable than a person with high skills but with bad morals.

Flexibility within Netflix is ​​implemented by providing employees with extended vacation time to encourage flexible and optimal working hours scheduling.

In addition, another main value that is upheld in the Netflix company is honesty and openness. All employees are encouraged to be open with each other and honestly express what is on their mind, including with superiors.

5. Amazon

Amazon company

The main focus of the Amazon company is to provide the best impression and experience for customers. To achieve this, Amazon set high standards, which later became the culture for the company. Employees are encouraged to provide their best service.


Company culture is a product of human thought and reason. In the end, no corporate culture is perfect. But we can take the positive essence of culture in big companies, and can be applied in our company. With a good culture, it will encourage the achievement of success in a fast and sustainable time.

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